In 2011, it began. In 2012, it continued. In 2015, it ends.

Lamp Mode artist S.O. is back with the highly anticipated release entitled So It Ends.

With his debut album So It Begins, S.O. gave fans gems such as Sure Thing, Lows and Highs and Love Is.  The Nigerian-born, London-raised emcee poured out his soul for fans on the 2012 album So It Continues, with tracks like Lamentations, Memoirs and I Can Bear.

On the latest album, expect to hear more of S.O.’s heart.

And while So It Ends isn’t the end of his career, it does mark the end of S.O. trying to conform to anyone other than Christ. On his latest release, fans will get an artist that is way more comfortable in his own skin.

“I’m not worried about this, that and the third,” S.O. said. “I’m not worried about certain things I was before; having to make this type of song so I can get on this (particular platform), or so this person can tweet about it. I’m really not caring about that at this point.”

The theme of relating to those nearest to him is consistent throughout the album.

“This album is very much about relationships,” S.O. said. “It’s about my relationship with my family, my relationship with my girl, my relationship with my church and my relationship with God. It’s very much about that and trying to navigate that and be an artist at the same time.”

S.O. took time to answer seven questions about the upcoming project.

Where have you seen the most growth in yourself as an artist between So It Continues and So It Ends?  

I think I have grown in my chemistry with GP (my producer), and not trying to create a sound or song because I think it will fit into the CHH market. I’ve just grown as an artist who is concerned about creating music for his fan base and people who like his music. I think we executed that well this time. There aren’t any “forced” songs.

How did you land on the title So It Ends for this project?  

So It Begins > So It Continues > So It Ends….only made sense.

What is your favorite memory associated with the making of So It Ends?  

Having my niece trying to record something for me on the album. I had a song idea, but I wanted her to record a voice note to go in the beginning of the song, but she did not execute it well at all (maybe because she was thinking too hard about it). Luckily, I had a video from about 2 years ago of her saying the RIGHT thing with the right emotion so I used that instead. The song is called Where Do We Go From Here?

What are some of the things – i.e. books you have read and circumstances you’ve faced – that have formed your current mindset when creating So It Ends?  

Being away a lot affected me (and still does). I’m big on family, friends and church, so having to travel because of music and not being able to be around those that I loved or care about saddened me.  

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome with So It Ends?  

Trying to recreate a So It Continues. GP and I spent countless days trying to make another one of those. It wasn’t until we realized that we were both in different situations in our lives (he was married, I was full time as an artist) that we began to shape and create this piece of work.

Finding time to actually finish the album was difficult. Mixing and mastering initially was difficult, too. The person who was meant to mix it originally pulled a Houdini & that actually set things back several months.  

Being too open. My girl & I had been through some tough times over the last 3 years (since So It Continues ‘til now). It is one thing writing about yourself, it is another writing about situations that involve other people. How open can you be without making the other person feel like you are abusing your relationship with them for a song?

Fans tend to resonate with your emotion, and the fact that you wear your heart on your sleeve.  Which songs on the new project have that type of feel?  

Every song lol.  

Where Do We Go From Here? ­ it talks about how much I love my family and want to be with them, but how I also feel the tension of doing ministry.

Alexia’s Interlude ­ my tale of love.

Give It To God ­ Talking that talk of struggle & pain and asking what do we do when these things happen. Do we run and hide or do we pray and give all our problems to God?

Seriously, every song.  

What do you want listeners to take away from So It Ends?  

Only Christ can truly satisfy, nobody else.