S.O. is back with his latest song “No Recess” produced by GP. Off the release of the feel-good single “What’s Your Name?,” S.O. continues his 2017 attack with a lamentation song that touches on some of the emotional waves he’s been going through this year.

“This year has been very emotional for me. 2017 has been year full of extreme highs and lows. “No Recess” is about some of those lows. From my marriage reminding me of my overwhelming need for my father, to me thinking that my wife and I were not going to get married because her grandmother passed away and not being able to be there for her, I’ve felt “no recess” from the wave of emotions that have been beating down on me. While emotions and circumstances are real, this song is for everyone struggling through the weight of life, but know they must persevere.

“No Recess” is available everywhere music is streamed or sold.