S.O. presents his latest song What’s Your Name? featuring Daramola. Off the release of his latest track Riding Through Nacogdoches, S.O. punches back with another good vibes Afro-beat summer song.

“When we saw how much my fans loved I See You, GP and I sat down right away to create this song. It means a lot to know that my Christian fans who grew up listening to Afro beat have something that can feel comfortable listening to.”

As an unofficial sequel to his 105,000+ times streamed Spotify hit I See You, What’s Your Name? is also written as a dedication to his wife.

“I see this song as an offshoot of I See You. After I saw my wife (then fiancée) for the first time, I remember asking her for her name. This song is the narrative of me getting to know her more,” explained S.O.

Produced by GP, What’s Your Name? is available everywhere music is streamed or sold.